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Color Palette added.

Idle/Talk/Run Character Animations now have an unarmed alternative.

+ Version without white outlines added.


- Tileset (32x32)

- Animated Props and Items

- Game UI

- 8 Animated Projectiles Including collision.

- 2 Players (32x32) 4 Styles, Blue, Red, Green and Grey.

- NPC (32x32)

- 3 Enemy Types (32x32)

- 1 Boss (64x64) Legs, body and outlines are separate for best application.


- Players: Idle/Talk/Reload/Run/Shoot/Death

- NPC: Idle1/Idle2/Talk

- Enemies: Idle1/Idle2/Activate/Run/Shoot/Death

- Boss: Idle/Talk/Run/Shoot1/Shoot2/Shoot3/Death

PNG image format. Original size and x2/x3. Information on cell dimensions are included in the download.

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LICENCE: This asset pack can be used in both free and commercial projects. You can modify it to suit your own needs. You may not redistribute or resell it.

If you come across issues or need help, please contact me. Thanks! :)

Updated 26 days ago
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
Tags2D, animated, dungeon, Dungeon Crawler, Pixel Art, Robots, Roguelike, Sprites, Tileset, Top-Down


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I created my most recent game with this asset pack! Go check it out here!

Managed 90 kills xD

Glad you made great use of the assets, very innovative gameplay design.

Thank you for the credit also! :)

Glad to hear you enjoyed the game!

Hi! This looks amazing! I used this assets in my game for jam, you can find it here. Thank you for your work! :)


That's awesome! You're very welcome :)

What are the limitations of the demo version ?

I terms of License, they are the same as the full version.

Thank you so much that you've made this! I'm gonna use this for my Game and also for School Project!! :)


I'm glad you like it :)

Good luck with the Projects!



(1 edit) (+1)

Pupkin this assets are perfect. I am going to use them for my school project. Thanks you so much. When I finish I’ll send you the link so you can try it. 


Thank you! I'm glad you like them, I look forward to seeing your project :)


This looks amazing, I'm going to use this in my game <3

Cheers! Good luck with the project :)


Looks sick!

Thank you!



how many directions do the characters have?

2 directions. All characters are intended to face Right and Left.

The sprite sheets themselves are facing Right to begin with.


You did a great job making simple but clear visuals, quite the impressive asset pack. Thanks for the inspiration, cheers!


I appreciate your kind words, cheers :)


Working on a game this will be perfect for. Amazing work!

Cheers! Good luck with the project :)


This is fantastic! Thx 4 sharing!!!!

Thank you! :)

Im not seeing the computer terminals and such. I'd buy those too.

They'll be in the 'Props and Items'.


Just used this for a game jam entry. Beautiful and versatile tileset, it was a lot of fun to put levels together with it!

I hope the Jam goes well :) You made awesome use of it!


Thanks! I appreciate that :)


Great asset pack, man! Can you include the color palette you used?

Sure, I'll add that in along with the unarmed player sprites.

Thanks for the interest :)

Keep an eye out for the coming update.

Can you add a version of the players without the gun? This will make them more suitable for twin stick shooters :)

I'll get finished with my current project and include those into the pack, possibly in 7 days or so :)


(1 edit) (+1)

Hey, is the cloning vat looking sprite not in the free version? It's in the previews so idk if I'm just missing something 

It's perfect for a thing in the game I'm making so I was only really looking for that since I'm not making an action game

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

The vat should be in the demo version, titled 'tileset'. If you're referring to the capsule looking prop, that would be in the full version.


Hey Pupkin! I made this game using your asset pack! Thank a lot for it :D https://kassout.itch.io/labzer (Credits are coming, just need to end some stuffs around my game and it will be my next top priority ^^)

Awesome! Glad to see you made good use of the asset pack :)

Had a few attempts on the game, died quite a bit :D. It plays really well, fluid gameplay too.

Thanks for sharing, means a lot!

I'm trying to create a map using rogueeditor, but the cells don't fit really well. Which software should I use?

I'm not familiar with rogueeditor. I used Construct 3 for the demonstrated GIF animations, worked no problem using that software.

Hey, I have a quick question, do you have any plans on updating these characters with additional animations? For e.g. a run and shoot animation, falling animation (falling into a large hole), role/dodge.



I'll be more than happy to tweak/update a couple of things after finishing up my upcoming bloodborne-like character pack. But I'd hold out for a little while longer. Thanks for the interest!

Hey! I reached out to you via e-mail with some specific questions about your work. Thanks :)


Hi, my friend and I used your awesome tiles and humans in my first ever Game Jam project:
Thank you! :)

Oh that's awesome! <3


Hi, very cool tileset. By any change could you modify so it can be used easily in Godot + Autotiles? If it is already ok for you could you post the bitmask? Thanks

I'll need to do a bit of digging first. I'll post an update once I manage to. Thanks for checking out the asset pack, means a lot! :)

Did you ever get a chance to update this? 

What size are the characters, because I try to implement them in 32x32 and it comes out cropped

The Players for example are 32x32 in a 8x13 Cell.


very nice!

Thank you :)


Good work!



Nice job!

Thanks! :)


Hello Pupkin, is there a version of character sprites without the white outline included in the sprite sheet?


Every character sprite now has a version without the white outlines. :)


This looks great.

Thank you! :)